Encryption Software
PC Guardian's Encryption Plus® family of data protection programs combines the latest encryption technology with exceptional ease-of-use for both the end-user and the corporate enterprise.  

PC Guardian software products are designed to provide complete data protection for enterprise organizations, while not interfering with the way users work. We offer centralized administration features for management that allow for easy implementation of the organization's security policy. Select a product below or use our product comparison guide.


Encryption Plus Hard Disk Icon

Encryption Plus® Hard Disk
Delivers full hard disk encryption: automatic, on-the-fly data protection for your entire hard drive. Easy centralized administration for efficient corporate use.

Encryption Plus Email Icon

Encryption Plus® Email
An easy-to-use plug-in for Microsoft® Outlook or Lotus® Notes 4.5/Higher that gives you the option to encrypt your outgoing messages -- with just one click! And your recipient doesn't need any special software -- just the password.


Encryption Plus CD-ROM Icon

Encryption Plus® CD-ROM
Provides effective, flexible encryption software that protects data and program files stored, published, or distributed on CD-ROM.

Encryption Plus Secure Export Icon

Encryption Plus® Secure Export
Provides an exceptionally easy way to encrypt your confidential files for secure transmission via email, over the Internet, on diskette or CD-ROM, via modem, or over a network.


Encryption Plus Folders Icon

Encryption Plus® Folders Enterprise
Encryption Plus® Folders Enterprise delivers automatic on-the-fly encryption and protects contents of confidential files from being deleted or snooped by unauthorized persons. This enterprise version is designed for deployment across large organizations. It features full centralized administration capability, including key recovery.