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smallball.jpg (667 bytes) This demo allows you to clean your drives 3 times.
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Also allows you to securely delete individual files 10 times.
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Install includes the free SecureClean Drive Viewer utility below.

SecureClean Drive Viewer scans your drive's free space (unused drive clusters) for deleted file data and displays that information to you.  All information is from files that have been previously deleted on your drive.  We think you will be surprised at how much recoverable deleted information you have.

Download SecureClean Personal Demo (1.2Mb).

The following is an easy and quick way to see how deleted data still exists on your disk after you have deleted it:
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Download and install the SecureClean Personal Demo (see above).
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Run the SecureClean Drive Viewer program.
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Copy a readable text file to a diskette.
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Clean the diskette by selecting the drive letter A: and pressing "Clean Selected Drive."
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) After the diskette has been cleaned, scan the diskette for deleted data by pressing "Begin Scan."
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) You will see that all deleted data will have been removed from the diskette.
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Now delete the text file that you copied to the diskette. Is it really gone?
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Scan the diskette again by selecting drive A: and pressing "Begin Scan."
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) You will see your text file still exists on the drive in the deleted space.
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Clean drive A: again by pressing "Clean Selected Drive".
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) You will see that your text file is now securely deleted and cannot be recovered.

NOTE: You can also securely delete files by selecting Zap files from the SecureClean right-click menu option or by dragging them onto the desktop SecureClean Trash bin.


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