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Securing your system.
When you delete sensitive documents or personal information from your PC, surprisingly these files still reside in your system’s free-space and can be accessed by others—even after reformatting the hard drive! SecureClean completely eliminates this unwanted PC data and gives you the security and peace of mind you expect.  Learn More
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Deploying SecureClean over a network is simple.  All SecureClean settings can be controlled by the system administrator and no user intervention is needed to install or uninstall the client.

Features & Screen Shots
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Cleaning is made simple and hassle free.  Clean your drives at shutdown, using a schedule, or by a right mouse click in an explorer window.  Securely delete files by dragging them onto a desktop trash bin.

Features & Screen Shots
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How secure are you?
smallball.jpg (720 bytes) Encryption is NOT enough
smallball.jpg (720 bytes) Your deleted E-Mail can still be read
smallball.jpg (720 bytes) Passwords can be written to the swap file
smallball.jpg (720 bytes) TMP files contain your sensitive data
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Formatting disks does not remove data
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Defragging does not remove deleted data
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Sensitive data is written to the end of files
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Where are you vulnerable?
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Prove it to yourself.
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Want to see the deleted data stored in your drives' free space?  Download our free check unused space program.
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