SecureClean network edition gives the network administrator the ability to create his own custom client installation of SecureClean.

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smallball.jpg (667 bytes) for Win 95/98 and NT
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) Y2K compliant
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) cleans both FAT and NTFS compressed or uncompressed drives
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) cleans free space, file slack, RAM slack
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) cleans all PC media (ZIP, JAZ, floppy, hard drive, etc.)
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) cleans while Windows is running without any direct sector writes
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) option for multiple data overwrites
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) automatic emptying of recycle bin
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) automatic emptying of TMP and Spool folders
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) cleans the Windows swap file
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) removes deleted file and folder names from FAT drives
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) cleans drives according to a schedule
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) cleans drives at shutdown or log off
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) drag/drop files to desktop secure delete trash bin
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) securely delete files on a network
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) all operations available by right clicking on a drive, file or folder
smallball.jpg (667 bytes) tested by computer forensic specialists
smallgreenball.jpg (706 bytes) no user actions needed for client installation and uninstallation
smallgreenball.jpg (706 bytes) system administrator can set and/or lock all client settings
smallgreenball.jpg (706 bytes) system administrator can make secure file deletion unavailable to clients
smallgreenball.jpg (706 bytes) system administrator can lock down client installation directory

Your data is not safe if you are using Windows 95/98 or NT.  To understand why,
see How secure are you?
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